Rahul & Dawna

Rahul grew-up a Roman Catholic in the Philippines. Despite surrendering his life to Jesus in his late teen years, after immigrating to Canada in 1983, Rahul returned to his old lifestyle of drug and alcohol abuse. In 1985, he rededicated his life to Jesus at a C&MA church. Since then, Rahul has continued to love and walk with Jesus.

Dawna was raised in a Christian home. At a young age, she made a commitment to follow Jesus. In her teenage years, she witnessed God’s power during a spiritual encounter at a camp she was attending which further convinced her to continue to follow and surrender her life to Christ.

Since 1999, Rahul and Dawna have served as church planters among a least-reached people group in the Silk Road. From 2007-2015, they also served as co-Team Leaders. In June 2016, they became the Regional Developers (RDs) for the Silk Road responsible for providing pastoral care and strategic and administrative leadership for all the C&MA international workers in the region.

They have two children, Mitch, who is married to Caylen and living in Lynchburg, Virginia, and Kirsten, who lives in Calgary.