Foothills Alliance Church

Giving at Foothills

Giving Online


If you don't have an account on Realm, you can give by clicking "GIVE ONLINE" above. You can also request an invite to Realm by emailing With a Realm account, you'll be able to see your Foothills donation history, and have your tax receipt emailed to you each year.

Giving online with a Realm account

Giving through pre-authorized debit

Pre-authorized giving is one of the easiest ways to give online, since it allows you to give directly from your bank account. To do this, download and fill out this authorization form with the amount and frequency you want to give. Watch the video below for more detailed information.


Text to give

You can also give through text. To do this, text Foothills + ammount to 73256. To see how this works, click the video below.