Allan Adrian, a member of Foothills Alliance Church since about 1987 and a geoscientist by vocation, has served in various capacities at Foothills with a growing passion and focus of missions being stirred within him. This interest grew as he and Pam, his first wife, lived overseas as expats where they learned to start understanding living in and communicating in a different culture. That time was cut short when Pam was diagnosed with stage four colorectal cancer and they returned to Canada with their two children. She survived two more years and they saw God act in huge ways in her life despite her eventual death. In 2013, Allan remarried Melissa and about that time was asked to once again serve on the Elder’s Board at Foothills and on the Global Impact Team. After attending the Kairos course, his life was pushed strongly toward wanting to be involved in missions vocationally, despite having many travel restrictions due to health. Some meaningful mentoring discussions led him to pursue seminary training where he is in the Master of Arts in Leadership and Ministry program with a specialization in Intercultural Ministry.

Since 2013, the Adrian family have been able to be more involved in the mission’s side of things and have gone on a family mission to serve Syrian refugees in Greece. Allan was able to go to a Central Asian country as part of Foothill’s missional discernment strategy and now he has had the privilege of joining an organization that uses his technical scientific background and passion for missions and bring them together in a permanent role. Allan has been appointed the Intern Coordinator for the Canadian office of Engineering Ministries International in August 2020. EMI does front-end architectural and engineering design work for Christian charities such as hospitals, schools, churches, orphanages, primarily in the developing world as part of their three-fold mandate of design, discipleship, and diversity. As interns are critical pieces in providing technical work for Christian charity initiatives, his role as point person involves everything from spiritual mentorship, career mentorship, interviewing, recruiting and logistics.  It is anticipated that several other secondary roles will be added to create a half-time position.

He feels incredibly blessed in seeing people serve God with their talents and grow in him while at the same time seeing people blessed by EMI projects that are completed.