Community Mentorship Hub

The Community Mentorship Hub is a new initiative dedicated to supporting community members who have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. The Hub seeks to support community members in three key areas by providing educational, mental health, and financial wellness supports. These supports are provided through the programs listed below. If you are interested in accessing any of these programs, please contact Kelsey Simpson or Tim Gibbons for more information.

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is an ongoing educational tutoring and support program for children and youth under 18 years old. This initiative will address learning deficiencies experienced through COVID-19, and will provide students a safe, accessible and supportive learning environment away from home.

At the Learning Lab, students will:

  • have access to computers for schoolwork and upgrading (for students entering gr 7 and above)
  • attend the lab twice a week during the summer, with regular days opening in the fall

The Learning Lab will run Mondays and Wednesdays from 3-5PM, starting September 20. The Lab will be open for the school year for grades 7 and up (jr and sr high).

Financial Wellness Course

This course will be offered in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP). The Financial Wellness Course will hold a CAP Money Course to help individuals in our church and community learn basic and essential financial management skills. We know COVID-19 has financially impacted many families, and this course will teach financial skills post-pandemic.

Mental Health Peer-Support Group

Starting this fall, we will be launching a Family Peer-Support group for individuals in our church and community. This peer-support group will address relational dysfunction and stress that have occurred in many homes during the pandemic. The goal of the group is to help improve mental, physical, emotional. and spiritual wellness for all participants through developing natural supports and positive relationships.


Volunteer opportunities at The Hub

Do you love working with others? We have positions available for each of our programs. Skills we're looking for: mentoring, welcoming, computing, consulting, encouraging, teaching, accounting and consulting. If you want to join our team, fill out the form below!

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