Foothills Alliance Church

June 11, 2020

    At this time, we will continue connecting exclusively online each weekend.

    Dear Foothills Family,


    So there’s good news and bad news on the COVID-19 front as it relates to churches and worship services. 


    The good news? We can open up again!

    The bad news? It’s not quite as simple as it sounds!


    We are hopeful, though, that things are moving in the right direction. We are equally grateful for your prayers for, support of and participation in all things online! It’s been quite a season of life for us all, but our God is good, kind and faithful.


    So what’s next? Just because we are allowed to “re-open” doesn’t mean we can, should or will. We have put together a fantastic team of leaders, including health professionals, safety experts, strategic planners and church leaders, to address the many re-opening guidelines the government has provided us. The safety of our worshippers, volunteers, and staff is paramount to us and will govern the decision-making process. No one wants to gather together more than I do, but we must do it the right and the honourable way. 


    Having said that, I can’t express deeply enough my gratitude to Rebecca Schnell and our Worship Arts team, who continue to work diligently to provide us with the best online church experience. Cayd Greiner (who was on America’s Got Talent if you saw the show this week or read The Calgary Herald last week), Mark Holmes, Ethan Fowler and Gabe Lucas have all been amazing. 


    We covet your prayers for this process.


    Just a quick update on our giving during COVID-19. We continue to be amazed and grateful to God for your faithful giving. With our reduced expenditures, we have managed to meet all our expenses without using our reserves funds. We have made one $25,000 transfer from General Funds to our Missions Fund and will discuss doing that again this month at our next board meeting. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for your sacrificial and faithful giving during this unique season of church life.


    It may be weeks, or even months until we’re capable of meeting again, but we will keep you updated. In the meanwhile, we will continue connecting exclusively online each weekend. Thank you for your prayers and many expressions of kindness during this crisis.


    Along with our e-newsletter, there are other ways you can stay informed on our re-opening process. Follow us on social media @foothillsyyc or visit for regular church-wide updates. Thank you for letting us journey with you in knowing God, loving others, reaching neighbours and serving the world. I so look forward to the day we can meet in person to worship Jesus and celebrate life together! That day is coming church – we hope sooner rather than later!


    Be safe, be blessed and take care of each other.


    Pastor Ian