Paul and Chantelle

Paul grew up in a strong Christian home that was very supportive of missions. When he was 13 years old, he committed to serving cross-culturally. He started Bible school, but later realized that his gifts were stronger in trades, so he pursued trades and looked for ways to use his skills and passion for the poor and marginalized cross-culturally.

Chantelle always had a passion to work with the poor, and as she came into relationship with Christ in her teen years, she realized that physical development help for the poor alone was unbalanced and looked to incorporate spiritual growth and everlasting hope. Chantelle has a Master’s in International Development and is passionate about partnering with community champions and holistic development.

In 2008, they went to Niger, Africa with the C&MA and stayed until 2017 as part of the Desert Sand team, running development and education programs while heavily invested in mentoring and advocacy. Now they have moved to the Asian Spice region to work with an emerging Least Reached People Group (LRPG) effort.

Current Priorities
The Rohingya focused work has been evolving and growing since 2012. This new season has seen an increase in the team size and new initiatives being pursued. Our first efforts will be to learn the local language and the language of the Rohingya, as well as to assess the current situation in this country. This includes researching current efforts and meeting with partners/NGOs who are engaged with the Rohingya and meeting refugee community groups. We will use all this information and take it before the Lord to discern where there are gaps that our team could fill to have the maximum impact. The Rohingya have long since been inaccessible in Myanmar so this is an exciting time when they are more accessible than they have ever been.

Paul and Chantelle send out regular prayer updates via email. Contact Brad Boschman if you wish to receive these updates.