A. H. grew up in Calgary playing sports and loving to do creative things at home and outdoors. Her parents and grandparents nurtured her faith and commitment to Jesus. That love grew through girl’s summer camp where godly women mentored her as well as through time spent in the backcountry seeing God in creation. Through these experiences she saw the value of mentoring young women and dedicated her life to sharing Christ and teaching women to grow in gentleness, grace, love and integrity in the Lord. She is grateful for the ways that she has been challenged to grow more in Christ and His word.

A. trained as a physical education teacher and then had the opportunity to go to serve for 3 years in a different culture. She loved discovering the promises of Christ written in the lives of those she met, developing friendships, and seeking to share Christ’s love with others. I John 1:1-5 has become the heartbeat of her ministry as she brings others into fellowship with Christ, discipling and teaching them to obey his commands.

She is on a team with three families and one other single woman. Her team is led by a man from ‘K,’ who is the nearest to the culture that they currently serve in. The others on the team are two ‘A’s’ and two Americans. They run a private centre for teaching English and have other programs for kids and an online forum teaching the book of Matthew in ‘A.’ Their goal is to plant a church among ‘A’s’ here and share the gospel with all people, ‘M’ and ‘T’ speaking as well. There is one local ‘A’ believer. Their hope is to make disciples that make disciples.