Mark & Cheryl

We are based out of Calgary but presently live on a farm near Prince Albert where we care for Cheryl's elderly parents. We have been working remotely for ACTION with monthly work visits to the office.

We met in High School in 1974 and both graduated from Bible College in '79 & '80. We were married in 1983 and soon had 4 grown children and now... 2 grandchildren!  After church planting in the Philippines '87-'88, we returned to Canada and began writing, recording, and touring with music. You can find our music at

After 5 years of ministering to people through music, we were called to join the staff of Venture Teams International where we were for 19 years. I (Mark) directed VTI for the last 10 years. During that time we started attending at Foothills and for 11 years enjoyed serving with many good friends there.  I (Mark) went through burnout in 2010 which led to a transition to ACTION Ventures under the umbrella of ACTION International.

We give direction to the work of Action Ventures as Director, Trainer, and leader (and much more). We have learned to have healthier rhythms in life! Our training is in Christian Education, Leadership, Coaching, Music, and the arts.  I (Mark) grew up in Peru where I spent the first 15 years of my life watching and learning the 'how-to's' and 'how not-to's' of short-term missions. Our vision is to make disciples of Jesus among young adults by providing practical cross-cultural training while using the arts.

Never has mentoring young adults mattered so much. We are committed to partnering with Churches and Bible Colleges to mentor students to become followers of Jesus. In 2019 we trained and led a 9-month team (Uganda-UK-Canada), a spring 1-month team (Philippines) and a summer 2-week team (Peru). In the last 10 years, we have trained and led 22 teams including one from Foothills Alliance to Peru in 2012. We are blessed to watch many of those team members thriving and leading in their circles of influence today.

Currently (2021), we are developing zoom outreach opportunities for Bible College Students. Also, we are hosting a morning radio show in Prince Albert with Victory FM. It is a good way to grow, stretch, and pass on some of the things we've learned. This includes inspiring stories and songs to build God's kingdom. His Kingdom will never fail!

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