Russell & Carly

Russell, Carly, Carter, and Landon Kloosterhuis have served in Asia Pacific for the past 7 years.  
Before serving overseas, they lived in Calgary, attending Foothills Alliance Church. It was here that they were challenged into overseas missions. From there they moved to attend Bible School and Missionary Training with Ethnos Canada.

In 2014 the family moved to Asia Pacific to begin learning language in preparation for service.
Over 2,100 of the world's languages do not have access to the Good News. In these people groups there is no Local Fellowship, No Good News and NO HOPE. These are the people among whom the Kloosterhuis’ work with.  Their desire is to plant indigenous, self-sustainable believers among people groups who currently live without hope and the opportunity to know Him.

Russell serves as a teacher and disciple maker. He trains singles and families who have come from many different people groups. Through teaching the Word and discipling these individuals, their hope is to equip them to take the Hope of the Word back to their interior locations where they will teach and equip others in their own language and culture.
Carly teaches Carter and Landon and uses her medical skills to serve their co-workers and interior families.