Sky is working with World Team in Cameroon where she is working with the Baka Literacy Project. Sky is doing literacy work with the Baka people. Literacy opens the door to so much more! It gives the Baka the ability to read scriptures, as well as opening opportunities for discipleship and leadership training. Additionally, literacy encourages the production of printed materials on health, nutrition, animal husbandry and farming techniques.

Sky came to faith as a young adult as a result of reading a book that explained God’s plan for mankind and why evil exists. She asked God to come into her life and that decision completely changed her. She was led to a church of solid believers and began serving in the church. Sky attended bible school and then seminary, getting a degree in intercultural studies while working for a Bible translation agency.

Sky is the mother of four adult, married children: Christa, Vickie, Tiffany and Roy. She is a grandmother to several grandchildren.