The First Christian

The First Christian

Encountering Jesus

April 20 - 21 • Ian Trigg

It's the greatest weekend of the year!

For the follower of Jesus, nothing begins to compare to the wonder, the hope, the peace and the grace of Easter. Everything about who we are and what we believe was established in one moment on the day Jesus defeated the power of sin and death.

A Sunday school class was asked "what was the first thing Jesus said when He rose from the dead" and one little girl answered: "Ta da!" It's not the worst translation I've read of that morning! This weekend we will consider that moment through the eyes of Mary of Magdalene, the first eye witness of the Risen Christ through worship, drama and teaching. It will be a weekend filled with hope for whatever we are facing in life. It's because the tomb is empty that the promises of God are full. Come and remember. Come and reflect. Come and find hope. Come and encounter Jesus.

Have a blessed Easter weekend!