How Can I Trust God?

How Can I Trust God?

Heroes of Faith

June 5 • Andrew Berg

I’ve never started a conversation about faith with this story: “Hey have you read the story about when God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son?!”

Child sacrifice doesn’t seem to be high on the appropriate on ramp for those sorts of conversations. How do you trust a God who askes a man to do that? Let alone the son that was promised by the same God? Once you are able to sit in this story for a bit, there are some even more difficult things to wrestle with than the first impression of it. Can you say that God is a good God in the same sentence as describing this story? Or how can a guy who almost (spoiler alert) sacrificed his son be a “hero of faith”?

There’s so much here. I’m excited to wrestle through this passage with you. See you this weekend.