Spring of Hope

Spring of Hope

Heroes of Faith

May 8 - 8 • Jerry Orthner

We all have one thing in common—each of us has or had a mother. At the same time, there is a wide variety of feelings about our mothers. For some Mother’s Day is a time of joy, for others it is painful, and even for others it reminds them of people they lost. To that end, as we gather this weekend, we will respect the tension between celebration and sorrow, darkness and light, despair, and hope. And the best way to address the kaleidoscope of emotions, the unexpected fluctuations of not only motherhood, but life in general … is with a story.

The Old Testament book of Ruth gives us answers and insights and clarity and healing around these disparities through the experience of a mother named Naomi. It is a story that begins with a winter of hopelessness and despair, but it ends with a wonderful spring of hope.

Wherever your journey finds you today, there is and always will be a SPRING of HOPE.