The Real Lord's Prayer

The Real Lord's Prayer

How to Pray

April 17 - 18 • Ian Trigg

Prayer.  The very word so easily evokes a sense of guilt, inadequacy and disappointment.  But it also reflects a struggle we desperately know we need to understand.  As one writer says, “there’s no one on a plane that’s going down who isn’t praying.”  Is prayer intended only for moments of utter desperation and despair?  

Last weekend, we were wonderfully reminded that everyone prays  some of the time and some of us are learning to pray all the time.  This weekend, I want us to look at the prayer that I believe defined Jesus’ life more than any other prayer.  I call it “the real Lord’s prayer.”  It’s the prayer that gives life and purpose and clarity to every other prayer we might pray.  It’s the prayer that gives hope and courage and strength and peace.  

I pray you’ll find time to join us this weekend to consider the most authentic prayer we could ever pray.  We’ll be encouraged.  We’ll be informed.  We’ll be strengthened.  And our amazing God will be honoured in our midst!

Be blessed, be safe, be well and be prayerful!

Can’t wait to be together this weekend!
Pastor Ian