The Fork In The Road

The Fork In The Road

If Jesus Was Serious

August 29 • Tim Beadle

Have you ever considered the ‘scariest’ verse in the Bible? Well, this week we will learn of those who appeal to Jesus as having done great things for him in his name, only to learn that Jesus says he never knew them!! How can this be? Was Jesus serious in this?

Apparently, somewhere along the way they made a poor choice when they came to, what I call, the Fork in the Road.

Throughout God’s Word we are confronted continuously with the need to make wise choices concerning the path we will travel. Jesus challenges us at these ‘fork in the road’ experiences to ensure we make decisions that lead to a hope and a future found only through a faith relationship with him, rather than travelling towards a dead-end experience trying to earn Jesus’ love and favour by ‘doing’ good things for him.