My Story with Abandonment

My Story with Abandonment

My Story - Season Three

July 25 - 26 • Ian Trigg

How can we live our lives in such a way that our "past" doesn't threaten or ruin our "present" or "future" as God intends them to be embraced? So often, the wounds and struggles of childhood linger with us into our adult years. They rob us of the peace and courage and confidence God wants us to live with. This weekend, we will consider a story of abandonment from Hosea's life and from the life of Susan Hastie from our church family. Susan will share from her story and encourage us in our stories! It will be a weekend filled with hope and blessing, and I trust you will be able to join us, either online for one of the three livestream weekend services, or via the sermon archives later in the week.

Be blessed — be safe — be strong in Jesus! I'm still missing you, and looking forward to gathering together when the time is right!

Pastor Ian