My Story with Injustice

My Story with Injustice

My Story - Season Three

July 11 - 12 • Ian Trigg

Injustice. We've known about it for years, but perhaps never as deeply as over the last five or six weeks. How do we respond? Is racism just an "American issue," or is it real in Canada? Is it a part of Foothills Alliance Church's story? This weekend may be one of the most important weekends we've had in years. We will hear from five individuals who have experienced injustice, racism and prejudice in their lives and in their families. We will be reminded that this is a very real issue in our midst and that we can be part of the solution and not perpetuate stereotypes. Come, be prepared to be moved, inspired, encouraged and challenged to be part of the solution for what is wrong in our world. I look forward to joining together online this weekend.

Be blessed, be well and be safe.

Pastor Ian