A Miracle in Cana

A Miracle in Cana

Encountering Jesus

January 12 - 13 • Ian Trigg

Every single time we say yes to something, we are also indirectly saying no to something else! Choose to stay later at work? You're saying no to your family. Choose to say yes to Big Macs with any degree of frequency, you're saying no to a healthy heart! Choose to say yes to your iPhone instead of doing your Math homework, you might just be saying no to post-secondary education! Every choice carries a consequence and the choices we make around our relationship with Jesus especially impact our lives.

This weekend, we'll dive into the encounter between Jesus and some servants at a wedding in Cana and the myriad of implications that followed. We'll look at the wonder of this first miracle and how it came to be and what it all meant. If you want to be amazed at the wonder of who Jesus is and why He came - say yes to joining us in church this weekend! If you can't physically be here, join us online via livestream!

Have a blessed weekend!