Why Would A Big God Love A Little Me?

Why Would A Big God Love A Little Me?

Identity in Christ

February 20 • Jerry Orthner

Henri Nouwen (beloved theologian & writer) wrote: “One of the tragedies of our lives [as Christians] is that we keep forgetting who we are”.

He is probably more right than wrong … which is a main reason we have spent the last several weeks in Colossians teaching and reminding ourselves about the overwhelming, life-changing treasure of the believer’s “Identity in Christ”.

We have enjoyed unpacking, as Paul describes “this mystery that has been kept hidden for the ages”. Join us this weekend as we put a bow on our series, by taking a final run at a simple question with a profound, even cosmic answer - why would a big God love a little me?

p.s. so that you will never forget who you really are!