Get Used To Different

Get Used To Different

If Jesus Was Serious

July 3 - 4 • Andrew Berg

How many of you have had someone offer to pay for a coffee or a meal for you and you responded awkwardly with: “are you sure?” Has the person ever changed their mind after you asking that?  

I’m not sure if we say that because we’re polite or we have trouble receiving a gift. Either way, when we consider it, it’s an odd response to a generous offer.  
I find the Sermon on the Mount to be part of the bible where I read through it, feel somewhat like I miss the mark and want to ask Jesus: “are you sure?” For those who want to take Jesus seriously, this is a tough few chapters to work through practically. So here we are asking the question: what if Jesus was serious? Would something have to change? The Church? Us? Me?  

Let’s get into it this weekend. See you online or in person!