You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

Unfamiliar Roads

December 21 - 22 • Jerry Orthner

What are you looking for?

This question stems from the heart, and it's one we'll keep asking until we find an answer. It's part of being human. The answer to what you are looking for, what we all are looking for, begins with the Christmas story.

And not so much the story that is most familiar (from Matthew, Luke and the manger scenes) but from another account, perhaps a bit more obscure because there are no camels, sheep and stars.

You may wonder if the Christmas story could even be told without a stable; with no manger, no Joseph, no Mary, no Bethlehem, no shepherds, angels, and wisemen? What would the Christmas story be without these familiar features and personalities that make the story charming and sentimental?

Come this weekend and find out! And discover the life-changing answer to the longings of our hearts to be at peace, happy and whole.


Pastor Jerry